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This platform, called e-VET e-Module offers all possible users, from learners to tutors, a range of educational materials which are formed by the teachers active in the context of vocational and occupational English. What really matters here is to integrate the learners’ existing professional competence into the latest methods and techniques being frequently used in teaching general English during the classes with the help of the advanced technology of this century.

There will be two categories; TEACHERS and STUDENTS. The former one is a category which the teachers or tutors can arrange or prepare their own printables, materials, exercises, videos under the specified courses identified on e-Module platform. The other one is a platform where the students can see these materials, videos, exercises and PDF documents and it provides them to study more effectively any subject which they want to get more information, anytime and anywhere.

The purpose of the e-VET Module is to help learners, especially for those registered into the formal & informal education institutions learn some specific terms and basic knowledge concerning to the professions which they may be interested in. 

Android Application: This section offers the users to see many questions concerning to the subjects you wish to learn more and it’s similar to the quiz show programme which is so popular globally right now involving some bonuses like %50 Chance, Timer Reset and Right Answer Chance which encourage them to see more questions. Your answers and points will be automatically saved and displayed on the screen so that the others can follow your progression level.

  • You are eligible to add more questions by using the interface of the application.
  • Your questions should be multiple questions with four options.
  • You are not allowed to create different question types, at least for now.
  • Each learner sees the questions randomly. There is no possibility for them to solve the same questions at one and the same time.


  • In order to use this website you have to register.
  • It is not allowed to have more than one account in this website.
  • The administrator of the website is allowed to cancel your account at his discretion if you don't follow the rules of the website.


  • You can get points by uploading printables, powerpoints, or online exercises.
  • Your contributions must be 100% in English language.
  • Your contributions must be your own creations. You can use free images from cliparts or other free sources. You can also use images that you have subscribed to and paid for.
  • Worksheets containing watermarked cliparts are not allowed and will be removed from now on.
  • Please, don't use pictures taken from other  websites or books.
  • You can use texts from other websites or books in your worksheets if you add your own exercises or activities (For example, reading comprehension questions, etc). Please don't take texts from other  websites or books, it would be unfair.
  • If your worksheet is just a reading text, it will only be accepted if the text is written by you.
  • You are not allowed to take an exercise from another source and add more exercises of your own. All the exercises must be yours.
  • You are not allowed to send the same worksheet twice.
  • Answer keys are highly appreciated, but they must be included in the same document as the original worksheet, not uploaded as a different one.

The uploading system:

  • Printables must be under 500KB. They must be .doc files.
  • If you are using Word 2007, take into account that your documents will be saved as .docx by default. This format is not accepted here, since not everybody can use it. Therefore you have to choose "save as word 97-2003 document", in the "save as" options.
  • Powerpoints must be under 2 MB. They must be .ppt documents.
  • After uploading your document, you will have to enter the title, description, category, keywords, etc. Please, be descriptive and accurate, it will help your worksheet to be found by the members who need it, enabling you to get more points.

The forum:

  • If you start a new topic, please write a descriptive title and keywords. It will be easier for other members to find it later.
  • Don't use the forum for personal attacks. Those kind of posts will be removed by the administrator.
  • Never insult other users or try to hurt them.
  • Never publish Private Messages in the forum. They are private.
  • Those messages which are considered spam by the administrator will be removed (such as using the forum with the solely purpose of advertising your website).


  • The documents included in this website are property of their authors. When you send us a printable you agree that other people can download and use it.
  • The documents included in this website can be downloaded for personal use only. You are not allowed to use them for commercial purposes, not to publish them by any means whatsoever. That includes publishing them on your website for your students' use.

These rules and instructions are subject to further change. All the members of the website will be informed of the changes.